Vancouver engagement + wedding photography

hi, i'm alicia

Photo by Erin Fraser Photography

Photo by Erin Fraser Photography

I’m a full-time photographer based out in Langley, BC.  I’m obsessed with dogs (clearly), travelling, and trying to capture the Milky Way. I have a sweet little baby and am planning my own wedding for this year. 

I’m sarcastic, funny and a little odd (but aren’t we all?).  I’m always hungry, I sometimes eat popcorn for dinner, and if I could only eat snacks instead of meals I’d be insanely happy.  I’m a listener and an observer, and I'm comfortable in quiet moments.  I love taking photos of the stars; it amazes me how your camera can bring out beauty that your bare eyes can’t do justice.  

I love to travel and will haul my camera gear with me anywhere I go (hopefully off to South Africa next)!  I've watched the sunset on Mount Everest, snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, starred at the Northern Lights in Iceland, captured the Milky Way in Banff, drank wine at Oktoberfest, flew over the Nazca Lines, and posed with my hands up in front of Machu Picchu.

Though I love to travel, I also loveee being a homebody.  Most days you can find me glued to my computer in pajamas editing, or chasing around my dogs.  I love finding a good series to binge on Netflix (though I usually end up re-watching The Office 129398 times), and cuddling up on the couch with my fiance and our pups (and now our little babe too).

I’m all about capturing authentic moments; the in-between, unplanned glimpses that show you as your true self.  I want to create captures that are genuinely you, not moments that look like your friends wedding pictures, or something you saw on Pinterest … I want to capture YOU and your unique love story.  I love adventure and would do anything to capture a moment; stand in the wind in -10 degrees, sit on a mountain with frozen fingers, run into a river to get the perfect angle … I’m up for anything if you are!