pre-wedding questionnaire


Please complete the form below (the more detail, the better)

Bride's Cell *
Bride's Cell
Name and number of the maid of honor, or parent, etc that will be with the bride while getting ready
Groom's Cell
Groom's Cell
Name and number of the best man, or parent, etc that will be with the groom while getting ready
Please provide address
Please provide times for: -ceremony -dinner -cake cutting -first dances
Please list specific groupings that you would like photos of ***use people's actual names rather than "mom"*** ex: bride, groom, gary, karen, lisa and brad bride, gary, karen, frank
Are there any special family dynamics that we should be aware of? ie. divorced parents that won't want to be in pictures together, etc
If so, please write their email/website
Additional rates are billed in 30 min increments @ $450/hr for one shooter and $550/hr for two shooters.
Please let us know names/contact info (or social media) for: -makeup artist -hair stylist -decorator -dress store -etc
Photos you loved, photos you didn't care for
Let us know anything else that is important to you!