Maple Ridge Couples Session // Tamara + Hayden


Tamara + Hayden

Maple Ridge Couples Session

My brother Hayden and his girlfriend Tamara have been dating forever... I'm talking like 9, 10 years; since early highschool.  I've been bugging them about doing pictures with me for 5+ years.

Tamara always had an excuse not to a photo session, but I continued to ask them alllll the time.  March came along and I wished Tamara a happy birthday and also mentioned (like I always do), "when are we doing pictures?!"  She didn't respond to my picture comment, which I expected.  The following Saturday I was headed out to a wedding when Tamara texted me "So pictures tomorrow? What time?"  I was SHOCKED.  This was my chance, after 5 years, to finally do their photos.  I told her sunrise or sunset.  I was even more surprised when she answered "sunrise works".

I made a brief plan with her to start pictures at 6:00am in Pitt Meadows for sunrise.  The weather network showed sun.  I texted my makeup artist and begged her to do makeup for Tamara at 5:00am, and she agreed!  Our plan was all lined up.  I shot my wedding on Saturday and got home around midnight. I woke up at 5am and headed towards Pitt Meadows.  Unfortunately the weather network was WRONG and it was raining.... no sunset in sight.  Our original plan was to shoot at the Pitt Dykes but we made a plan B to shoot under the Golden Ears Bridge (in hopes of staying dry).  Unfortunately, the rain was coming in sideways and in a matter of minutes, all 3 of us were soaked.  Despite the rain and the extremely early morning, we still had a great time and were able to get lots of shots!

Makeup: BeautyxBrow